Rent a car at best rates

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Same as the pick-up location
  • Vehicles to meet demands
    If you need to download a rented car at a particular location, we can offer you the service delivery vehicle.
    No matter where you make the download, you will wait spotless, insured vehicle maintained to the highest standards.
    Our service does not stop.
    Anywhere that after taking the car set off, you can count on our 24/7 support in case you require it.
    If in addition to the basic services you have another request that was not a problem. For your different needs we designed and offer additional services: GPS / navigation, child seats, WiFi, additional drivers, and much more.
  • Great Daily and Hourly Rates
    Transparent present all the elements of our price so that we, you and me, make sure that your needs in the right way and be completely satisfied.
    Car hire is paid in cash or by credit card after taking over the car.
  • No hidden charges
    Service free all time for your car 24/7.
  • Real time online booking
    The car you can book on line 24/7 at our website or by calling the phone.
    The car will be delivered on time as agreed in the reservation.
  • Clean vehicles & many extras
    The client takes the car in excellent condition, very clean and without any problems.
    After taking the car the customer is responsible for the car until the last day when we take the car and check that there is nothing wrong.